The Pleasant's Courtyard, Edinburgh

> The Pleasant's Courtyard, Edinburgh

This show is billed as string trio meets Marx Bros and brought out musical baffoonery at its best.

The clowning took many forms, but was always accompanied by the most exquisite musical score: Mozart, Saint Saens - The Melodies Sword.

Laughter also echoed the action as the ensemble committed one faux pas after another, playing behind bushes, taking their break on stage and even wrestling a trainer from an audience member's foot when one performer lost his shoe in a fight with a chair.

There was little in the way of speech, but the words like the notes all counted. In an inspired sequence, the cod Russian Cellist, Kadifachi became orgasmically enamoured of her cello during Saint Saens the Swan. The only two things she said were “Shhh” (to us so she could concentrate better without our laughing) and “Oh cello!” which brought the house down.

The art of fun is hard to master, but this line-up knew just how to play it. Virtuoso.

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