Pinocchio on Ice

Norfolk Showground, Costessey, Norwich

> Norfolk Showground, Costessey, Norwich

Wow, this is a show with everything but the kitchen sink in it. Actually, I think that I did spot a sink in there somewhere!

It stars both established and up-and-coming skaters from Hungary and is big on effort and impact, with enough costumes to satisfy the most dedicated fashion lover.

The story of Pinocchio is somewhat lost, indeed the whole concept of it being a bad thing to tell fibs doesn't really come across and the infamous nose doesn't move. Instead, there's scene after scene, maybe set at a circus, at a fair, in a pub, or underwater, with character after character to entertain. Look out for a cheeky cat played by Andrea Major while Bertalaz Zakany plays a very nimble Pinocchio although I would have liked to have seen more of him.

Special note should go to Diana Poth who crops up every second scene and is probably the most technically advanced performer.

Maybe the show isn't totally slick, maybe the narration pieces are too long but, boy, do the cast members work hard.

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If the Theatre Royal panto lot think their job is tough, they should take a trip to the showground.

t The show runs until January 3. Call 0870 444 1505 for tickets.

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