Photo gallery: Why I love Latitude Festival…

Photos from the Inbetweener's Stage at Latitude Festival 2014. Photos by Steve Hunt.

Photos from the Inbetweener's Stage at Latitude Festival 2014. Photos by Steve Hunt. - Credit: Steve Hunt

Assistant editor David Powles hosted a Young Reporters and Photographers session in the Inbetweener's stage at yesterday's Latitude Festival.

Alex Jeffs and Joey Fleming, from London.

It's midday and there is a red faced sea of people eating and drinking out on the fields of Latitude Festival. The atmosphere is buzzing with excitement in the scorching heat.

All walks of life converse under a canopy of humidity, surrounded by a multitude of culinary cuisines.

Rebecca, a blue haired bubble blower from Oxford, puts the festival into words perfectly.

She said: 'It's a unique festival the likes of which you can't find anywhere else, a blend of all walks of life.

We approached a mother-of-three who are loyal Latitude goers six years in a row. They were with their French AuPair who said she was 'enjoying the vibes of Latitude'.

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Sophie Edmonds and Bette Jeffs, from London

Waking around in our fluorescent green coats, two 'Latitude Young Reporters' got a glimpse of what goes on amongst the heat waves of the festival.

Whether it's an 'Inbetweener' activity attended by seven people or a packed tent of 2,000 dedicated fans, Latitude brings people together.

There's a real broad range of people at the festival. For example, we talked to Issy, from Sheffield, who was working as a pixie, putting out fires. She said that she 'loved the interesting people', the multi-coloured sheep and the welcoming atmosphere.

We also joined a yoga session this morning and met many so-called 'fitness freaks'.

Carys Tyson-Taylor, from Tame, Daisy Harris, from Scotland. Elizabeth Whittaker, from London.

Friendly, lively, calm.

These are just some of the words that people seed to describe 'why they love' Latitude Festival.

As the crowds start pouring in, from teens with flowers in their hair, to parents looking after their children, this truly is a festival for all ages.

Michelle Scott, who travels with her daughter, said the reason she loves Latitude is that 'it's a way to get away from it all and spend time with my daughter'.

This is also a great festival for those who have never been to one before. In just 10 minutes on the site we found a 69-year-old with her daughter, a small toddler and a hen party - all first-timers.

Elaine Uppington, from London, said: 'It's so chilled and relaxed and everyone is so friendly - I just knew we had to come.'

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