Photo gallery: Macabees perform at Latitude

Latitude festival 2013.The Maccabees on stage.

Latitude festival 2013.The Maccabees on stage. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Formed a decade ago, The Maccabees have honed their frenetic brand of precise indie pop.

And with the moon visible in the sky yesterday evening, they had a crowd of thousands of teenagers hanging on their every note.

Packed against the barrier in front of Latitude's Obelisk Arena, arms flailed in the air and circles opened in the crowd – with people energetically dancing in the gaps.

The south London five-piece reeled off hits from their latest album Given to the Wild, with chiming guitars and singer Orlando Weeks' distinctive falsetto meandering over them.

And there were cheers for older tunes, including Precious Time.

Weeks said with a wry smile that he 'hoped we don't disappoint you'.

Over a feel-good hour – taking in angular earlier material and more recent psychedelic soundscapes – the pace rarely dropped.

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A sea of festival-goers stretched as far as the eye could see from the stage.

And as The Maccabees left the stage, they did so as a band at the top of their game.

Sam Russell

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