Phil Nichol - The Naked Racist

Norwich Playhouse

Norwich Playhouse

f dived on stage like a small Canadian energy bomb and started ranting.

London, he explained, is an angry place. People there are ready to scream at you about almost anything, but you can meet their aggression with jazz ballet (he demonstrated).

The opening was pretty typical of the stunts pulled by this mild-mannered comic and there seemed to be no lengths to which he would not go to prove just how non-confrontational he could be... if somebody called him homophobic, he was practically ready to be gay and if challenged to all-out war he 'kept his dignity' by simply taking off his clothes.

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Apparently it's a Canadian thing: you'd think it would be too cold over there most of the time for streaking but apparently, precedent was set by one of their exiled communities who had arrived in Canada after trying to assert themselves in the face of Tsarist Russia by stripping off.

But how, by the end, Nichol managed to get us all peeling off layers in a bid for world peace, I will simply never know.

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