Paul McKenna's Hypnotic Show

King's Lynn Corn Exchange

My companion insisted we sit at the back of the Corn Exchange for Paul McKenna's Hypnotic show in case he accidentally fell under the influence and discovered an unaccountable urge to take his pants off every time a phone rang.

Happily, that problem didn't arise. But after seeing McKenna's performance, I am in no doubt that it was a very real danger. McKenna is a master of his calling. By day a very successful businessman running the largest hypnosis training company in the world, in the evening he turns to the fun part — the very successful and popular stage show he regularly tours.

McKenna was the quintessential showman and started the evening with some very good jokes to warm up an already excitable audience.

Some audience participation exercises tested our susceptibility to hypnotic suggestion and shortly the stage was filled with an assortment of Lynn's finest citizens.

Soon McKenna had whittled down the numbers to around a dozen people and then came the real entertainment as during the evening the willing victims became unintelligible Martians, rap artists, Elvis, lap dancers and cheerleaders.

One man was convinced that the broom he was holding was the lovely J-Lo and made passionate love to it. Another gave a very convincing imitation of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, maybe weirdest of all, one man was convinced that Norwich was top of the Premier League. Now we really knew the hypnosis was real.

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The audience had a great time and was royally entertained by McKenna's spell binding talents. Oh, and on behalf of all the ladies present, I would like to say a big thanks to Gavin for his starring role in the Full Monty, enough said.