Paintings by John Eaves

CHRISTOPHER SMITH Bircham Gallery, Holt


Bircham Gallery, Holt

John Eaves is a painter who gives it to us straight down the line.

What is remarkable is how much he is able to do with those straight lines and parallels. It hardly occurs to the viewer even to think about a more conventional use of curves.

Bold horizontals in particular predominate with fewer verticals than lines that slope up, usually at a pretty sharp gradient creating more complex images that convey dizzier, less tranquil moves.

The artist himself draws attention to his attachment to landscapes, one of the traditional concerns of British painters. He has now moved from a figurative style into abstraction, but something of the former outlook still shapes his work in general.

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The exhibition runs until October 3. Visitors will also enjoy brightly coloured and imaginatively decorated slipware by the potter John Pollex.

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