Out in the Fields

Grapevine Gallery, Unthank Road, Norwich

The paintings of husband and wife Kevin and Anne-Marie Ryan reveal a shared interest in the use of intense colour and in the same subject matter. However, it is quite apparent that Anne-Marie has received formal artist's training, whereas Kevin has had to rely on instinct alone.

Kevin's work, therefore, is a little hit and miss. The acrylic Chalk Ridge is a garish muddle of colours that harass the senses. Summer Harbour, with its sketchy overlaid boats and scribbled text, thwarts all sense of balance, and the perspective references create a confused division on the canvas.

Some of Kevin's framed pieces are more successful, which I attributed to the introduction of a calm space around his tense and often over-busy compositions. In fact, I quite liked Autumn Farm, with its rich, earthy tones, the textured lower section suggestive of a ploughed field, and the wonderful burning red skyscape.

By contrast, Anne-Marie's work successfully pursues the essence of each season in her landscapes. Using a vibrant palette of yellow, orange and red in Norfolk Summer, she creates an uplifting mood that provides a visual tonic for this dreary month of July! Equally, the colours used in Spring Morning are evocative of all that is fresh and new, and with splashes of paint and glaze applied liberally, this work is far from static.

Displayed alongside the vivid colours of these paintings, the work of potter Richard Wilson seemed muted. The most strikingly individual design on show was a series of jugs, in differing sizes, with undulating curves that imbued them with an intriguing figure-like quality.

t Out in the Fields continues until August 15.

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