Our 16-year-old film blogger Jack Bool reviews: Jack Reacher

Based on Lee Child's 2005 novel One Shot, Jack Reacher stars Tom Cruise as the title character who gets involved in a murder case regarding a trained military sniper who shot five random victims.

Release Date: 26th December 2012 (UK)

If like me you keep up to date with all the things going on in the movie world then you may remember that the fans of the novels sparked outrage at the confirmation that Tom Cruise would be playing the role of Jack Reacher. The reason for the outrage came down to the fact that many fans felt that Cruise was too small for the role, in height of course but trust me on this Tom Cruise is brilliant in this film. Although I have never read a Jack Reacher novel I do enjoy a good action film and if its action you're after, or even a thriller this film certainly delivers the goods.

Now the only problem that I had with this film was the fact that it was fairly predictable, but of course it comes to a conclusion that I think everyone can enjoy. Despite that this film doesn't really do anything wrong. If like me you were unfortunate enough to stumble across last month's Alex Cross, its rather apparent that Alex Cross wants to be this film as this is how a murder case movie should be done.

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It features some excellent set-pieces which include possibly one of the best car chases I have ever seen. It's actually quite scary to think that the whole time it was Tom Cruise behind the wheel. Everything is brilliantly filmed and there's no shaky camera work whatsoever. Personally it felt like a bit of a throwback to the eighties in certain instances. The fight scenes are all choreographed extremely well and the performances throughout are really good. I would honestly regard Tom Cruise's portrayal of Jack Reacher as one of his best in a long time, as it's certainly one of his most memorable characters. It's just a very memorable film in my opinion.

Despite originally hearing that the dialogue could be rather cheesy on certain occasions I honestly didn't have a problem with it whatsoever. In fact going back to what I said previously about the film being an eighties throwback it's rather apparent with the use of humour and one-liners. It manages to almost perfectly blend the genres of action and thriller together simultaneously and for that I find it most amendable.

Finally I would just like to touch on the films score. Joe Kraemar definitely has done a fantastic job with scoring this film. The tone really sets the mood of the movie especially during a rather graphic yet chilling opening sequence.

To me this is the type of film that deserves a sequel and I would really like to see a franchise come out of it, after all there are seventeen books based on the character.

Overall I highly recommend Jack Reacher. It's one of Cruise's best films in a long time and easily one of the best action/thriller movies to come out in 2012.


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