Of Mice and Men

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This was a show of beautiful, dream-like effects and accurate, low-key acting by a company of special-needs performers, whose skills were truly impressive.

I did feel, however, that despite the technique, the story had got a bit lost.

Some might argue that there is not much plot in Of Mice and Men anyway: it's a meandering, gentle tale of two ranchers, the great outdoors and the stars over their heads - a tale famous for the way it's written more than for what it's about.

And the poetic effects of the prose came to life: projections lit up the stage with swaying leafy images; dreams literally evaporated to reveal the harsh light of reality and yes, there were sheets of stars too.

Some might say, on the other hand, that the story is paramount.

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The tale of the man who strives for his dreams but is prevented by the frailty of the flesh is one we all want to hear.

We want that sense of empathy, so that when George finally has to make the choice to kill his handicapped friend out of compassion, thus putting paid to both their dreams, we're there with him in our imagination, holding the gun to the man's head, and wondering whether to pull the trigger.

Perhaps the story will find its way back during the tour.

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