Review: Joe Lycett, Norwich Playhouse

Norwich Playhouse new season - Joe Lycett.

Norwich Playhouse new season - Joe Lycett. - Credit: supplied by Norwich Playhouse

James Goffin is won over by the charm of comedian and social media prankster Joe Lycett.

You can have to work hard to impress a Sunday evening audience, but Joe Lycett did just that with this rescheduled Norwich Playhouse show.

Postponed by the Beast from the East, Lycett took his sold-out audience on a journey through his life: minor feuding with his mum, adventures in home restoration, and his well-known addiction to social media pranks.

Lycett is a hashtag away from being tedious and whose own self-satisfaction matters more than the dignity of his targets, but his charm and self-deprecation rescues him and keeps the audience on-side and laughing. Quite often he's the one that looks most daft by the end.

There is also a serious social message in his activism around gender and behind the cheap puns there are some skilfully-constructed comedy routines, making this show well worth the wait.

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He'll be back at Norwich Playhouse on May 30. Call for returns.

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