Norwich Urban Art Project - Subway

St Stephen's underpass, Norwich

> St Stephen's underpass, Norwich

The brightly lit, colourful artwork that lines the subway of the St Stephen's roundabout in Norwich is the result of a recent cultural initiative by the city council.

The result is an overall visual improvement to the ambience of the pedestrian thoroughfare.

56 mural panels created by young people's community groups have been installed in the alcoves of the subway; they depict various aspects of “A Fine City”.

The works are an eclectic and exciting mix. A subversive wit lies in a graphic view of the Forum flanked by the inevitable traffic warden, and a painterly interior of the Royal Arcade echoes the archway architecture underground.

There is a 'cool' Pop-Art style skateboarder swathed by a floral garland and a 'fab' Impressionist style - graffiti meets Matisse - rendition of the Norwich Train Station. A poetic silhouette of the cathedral skyline at dusk is another stand out.

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The works are raw, urban, gritty, and of the moment. Remarkably, they are graffiti free…almost. I allowed myself a reluctant appreciation of someone's humour that had written on the painting of NCFC's pitch “what a load of balls” - presumably they are referring to the football and not the art!

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