Norwich nightclub reinventing itself with a major facelift

Behind the boarded up front of a Prince of Wales Road nightclub in Norwich, builders are working hard and it is hoped revellers could see the first phase of a revamp expected to run into the millions by the end of September.

The former Mercy nightclub is set to become four venues and it is hoped two will open later next month.

The expansion of the venue is expected to create about 40 jobs including part-time posts.

Operations manager Toby Middleton said they had only been using 50pc of the space until now, but the former cinema could hold 3,000 or 4,000 people.

'There are so many different areas that people don't see,' he said.

'We are trying to make the building more dynamic and use it in different ways,' he said.

'We are changing it enough to look different. It needed a facelift,' he said.

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Much of the initial work is being done in the VIP lounge at Mercy Nightclub, which will now have its own entrance and glass doors to the rest of the clubs.

He said that with the new look the club would have the potential to open seven days a week.

The first two venues to open will be Unique VIP and the Uber Cocktail bar.

Many of the original features from its days as a cinema will be kept, including the sweeping staircase and the ornate ceilings.

The whole project is expected to run into the millions, but the first phase is costing about �750,000.

'The recession is really hitting hard but we've got to give people a reason to come out to enjoy themselves,' said Mr Middleton.

He said that people wanted to spend their money on the best.

'They will get the quality and the service. We want to make sure that everything is top dollar.

'The recession is there, but if people want to spend a tenner they want to spend that tenner on the best value for money.

'You have to reinvent yourself and think about the size of your venues. Mercy needed to be reinvented. We needed more variation for the people of Norwich.

'Here people will be able to go to several venues at the same time. It gives it the versatility.'

Peri's Leisure, which owns the complex as well as Roccos Bar and Pulse, also on Prince of Wales Road, is expecting to get the building back on September 12.

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