North Walsham blues man Ron Sayer’s new album launch - with wife Charlotte

Ron Sayer album cover Hard to Please

Ron Sayer album cover Hard to Please - Credit: Archant

Blues guitarist Ron Sayer has teamed up with wife Charlotte on his latest album.

The two have performed together for nearly 20 years in various band formats.

But they are now sharing the vocals and songwriting on the second album since Ron launched his blues band.

Hard to Please is a mixture of blues, rock, country, funk and pop and is released on September 14 - when the Ron Sayer Junior Band appears at the Norwich Blues Festival at the Waterfront.

Mr Sayer said: 'Charlotte joined the band on keyboards a year ago, and did a duet and backing vocals on the last album. People were asking why she did not sing more because she has such a good voice - so the equal billing is by popular choice.'

The pair, who have sung together in each other's bands and with duo Spider Murphy in the early days, began writing the album a year ago.

Each of them has written and sung songs. Duets include the blues rocky title track and country-influenced One of Your Looks.

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Some of the album was record in the couple's front room 'when the kids were in bed'. Drumming on the CD is by Wayne Proctor, who was voted drummer of the year in the recent British Blues Awards.

Mr Sayer said the album was not a sequel to his first one Better Side as it was a 'collaboration and different.'

Discounted CDs (£7 instead of £10) will be available to anyone who buys tickets for the Norwich Blues Festival from Ron Sayer. Email

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