Norfolk’s Michelin star winning chef Galton Blackiston releases seafood recipe book

Galton Blackiston. Picture: Courtesy of Morston Hall

Galton Blackiston. Picture: Courtesy of Morston Hall - Credit: Courtesy of Morston Hall

One of Norfolk's finest chefs will be celebrating the release of his latest cookbook tomorrow.

Chef patron of Michelin starred Morston Hall in Norfolk, Galton Blackiston has released a new book -

Chef patron of Michelin starred Morston Hall in Norfolk, Galton Blackiston has released a new book - Hook Line Sinker. Pictures: John Scott Blackwell - Credit: John Scott Blackwell

Galton Blackiston is one of the county's best loved chefs, and has earned himself international acclaim having received a Michelin star for his work at Morston Hall.

'Hook Line Sinker' is Mr Blackiston's first entirely fish based recipe book, and will be released into stores tomorrow.

Mr Blackiston said: 'My last book came out about five or six years ago and I didn't think I'd do another one, as I didn't know whether I'd have time.'

However after purchasing No.1 in Cromer, a restaurant and take away fish bar, Mr Blackiston decided to write a book purely on fish-based recipes.

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'I'm excited because this is one of few recipe books which are based entirely on fish, from the first to the last recipe.

'There's recipes from all over in there, from fish curries to Mediterranean dishes, to more Thai inspired meals.'

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Mr Blackiston, who lives near Morston, continued: 'What's great about fish is that it doesn't take long to cook, often around 10 minutes.

'What takes the time is the garnishing or the sauce, or what you're serving the meal with, and not the fish itself as that's fairly simple.

'I've got recipes from fish you can cook on the barbecue to really complex dishes, there's something for everyone.'

The book has already been noted by leading figures in the culinary world.

'What's even more exciting is that one of my food heroes, and one of the country's best chefs, Michel Roux Jr, has written the forward to my book,' Mr Blackiston continued.

'I just asked him whether he would and he said he'd love to straight away, and he's written this extraordinary forward to the book.'

He added: 'I always had a hankering to come back. I was born and bred in Norfolk, and I moved away and did my thing and got married, and then came back. We used to drive up to Blakeney point and spend summer there when I was a child, shrimp fishing and crab catching on glorious summer days.'

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