Norfolk rich kid who compared homeless to ‘raccoons’ sleeps on streets in new show

Hanif shows off his £33,500 Breitling watch Credit: 5Star

Hanif shows off his £33,500 Breitling watch Credit: 5Star - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk trust fund heir appeared in new TV show Rich Kids Go Homeless to prove how 'easy' it is to get off the streets.

Hanif meets George W Singleton III who has been on the streets for 40 years by choice Credit: 5Star

Hanif meets George W Singleton III who has been on the streets for 40 years by choice Credit: 5Star - Credit: Archant

Hanif Cawston, 21, swapped his lavish lifestyle for living rough in the latest episode in the series, broadcast on 5Star.

He lives a luxury life with a wardrobe packed with designer clothes, including a Louis Vuitton top worth £2,500, and has a £33,500 blue Breitling watch.

The commodities trader, who tops up his trust fund by investing in the stock market, admits he has a passion for 'diamonds, rubies and gold' and thinks nothing of spending £1,500 on dinner.

Before taking part, Hanif compared the homeless to 'raccoons' as they 'eat out of bins' and his plan was to go to Greggs and clean the toilets in exchange for steak bakes.

He said: 'Where I live in Norfolk there is absolutely no homeless people.

'I think a lot of homeless people are lazy due to the fact they have probably given up on life.'

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Hanif was then sent to Camden in London for three nights, which has the third largest homeless population in England.

However, his plan quickly backfired when he was forced to beg for food at a chicken shop and the homeless community accused him of lying about living rough due to his clean appearance.

He is even approached by a homeless man who told him 'if I ever see you again I'll stab you' after his first night.

The reality of the situation then dawns on Hanif and he says: 'These people they've got literally nothing to lose.

'It's starting to dawn on me that the streets are a dangerous place.'

On the second night, a soup kitchen gave him a giant portion of pasta and he was clearly taken aback by the generosity.

He said: 'A lot of people I meet on a day to day basis are self-centred and would not be doing something like that. It's touched me so much.'

He then met George W Singelton III who has been on the streets for 40 years through choice and he invited Hanif to sleep in his camp which has two tents and washing facilities.

When Hanif ends his time on the streets, he offered to buy a new trolley for George so he can take his collected aluminium to the recycling centre which he gets money for and vows to donate to the soup kitchen.

Hanif said: 'This whole experience has made me realise the importance of people rather than tangible items and money in general really.'

Rich Kids Go Homeless airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on 5Star.

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