Norfolk Open Studios taster exhibition

St Giles Church, Norwich

I'm a great supporter of the Open Studio principle, but do worry that the submissions in this exhibition may not necessarily succeed in luring the public to every studio.

The sculptors come out on top with an eye-catching piece by Dominique Bivar Segurado. Entitled Natural Circumference, the slices of crystallised stoneware radiate from a beautifully contrived circle. And Lucy Edwards' spherical stoneware piece is cunningly displayed to reveal a circle of light at the centre of the spiral pathway.

Ros Newman exhibits a mask fashioned from welded metal; the interest is in the space created between the delicate outlines. By purchasing a raffle ticket you'll also have a chance to win Ros's spiral of shining stainless-steel birds and help raise money for the Hospital commission 'Bird in Flight'.

I really liked Jacqueline Fenns' untitled meditative oil – the graduated colours from ice-cream pastels to an intense crimson have been guillotined and reassembled. This creates a mysterious veil over shadowy background forms, contributing to the sense of shifting light on an ethereal mountainous landscape.

Alex Waterman chooses to submit a pastel depicting a hand basin. Filling the entire frame, it's an unusual choice of subject, but this studied observation from an interesting angle works well.

Of the two pieces that take sand as a theme I have to confess to preferring Jayne Ivimeys' piece, which captures the shifting nature of sand in a more evocative way than Anthea Eames 'Desert Study' despite her use of genuine Sahara sand.

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The standard is variable... and the best possible place for 'Sputnik' by Thomas Salt is indefinitely orbiting the earth!

t The taster exhibition at St Giles Church, Norwich, runs until May 30.