Norfolk dogs star in Mundesley author’s book about canine arthritis

Aching joints needn't stop man's best friends living a fun and active live according to the author of a new book about canine arthritis.

Writer Gill Carrick, from Mundesley, spent a year interviewing leading vets and compiling case studies to produce her latest book 'My Dog has Arthritis but Lives Life to the Full'.

The guide describes different types of arthritis, how to diagnose it and the breeds most affected. It explores the pros and cons of different treatments from medication, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to alternative remedies and dietary supplements. There is also a section on simple changes that can make an arthritic dog more comfortable, including orthopaedic beds, supportive walking harnesses, warm coats and dog strollers.

The last part of the book tackles the difficult subject of euthanasia when all treatments have failed and the dogs is suffering.

Each section is backed up with case studies from owners and colour photos of their dogs, many who live in Norfolk.

Arthritis affects one in five dogs of all ages and the case studies include puppies with hip dysplasia as well as older dogs with age-related conditions.

Miss Carrick said: 'While writing the book I realised dogs are very stoical, although I should have known that already. They will just plod on and follow their owners around, even though they might be in pain. They just won't give up.

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'There are so many touching stories in the book. One of them is a collie cross who was found at the side of the road next to his dead mother. He didn't have the greatest start in life but he had the right treatment and he is now the king of the agility circuit and both dog and owner have a fantastic time together.'

Miss Carrick decided to write about canine arthritis after completing a book about the condition in humans. She appealed through the Eastern Daily Press and local radio for the case studies and interviewed animal health professionals from across the country as part of her research. She now plans to write about feline arthritis.

The book, which is published by Hubble & Hattie, costs �9.99. It will be available in bookshops and online from the end of October.

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