Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band concerts in Skeyton

Members of Norfolk Dixieland Jazz. From left, Bill Brewer (trombone), Tim Densham (clarinet/saxophon

Members of Norfolk Dixieland Jazz. From left, Bill Brewer (trombone), Tim Densham (clarinet/saxophones), Liz Underdown (bass), Vic Brown (drums), John Gooding (cornet) and Peter Gregory (banjo/guitar) - Credit: Archant

Traditional jazz will be performed at a village pub this summer and autumn.

The Goat Inn at Skeyton will be continuing its musical programme featuring the popular Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band.

Music lovers will be able to watch the group play at the pub over the next six months.

Free gigs will be held on the following Sundays - April 6; June 1; July 6; August 3; and September 7. All performances will be at 1.30pm and 4.30pm.

Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band and the owners of The Goat Inn hope to build on the success of recent years.

Norfolk Dixieland Jazz Band five years ago and includes Bill Brewer on trombone; Tim Densham on clarinet/saxophones; Liz Underdown on bass; Vic Brown on drums; John Gooding on cornet; and Peter Gregory on banjo/guitar.

Mr Brown said: 'The Goat is a great place to play. You can just drop in for a drink or have a meal in the restaurant or the garden room where the band plays. In the summer everything moves into the garden. We feel that the success has been due to the team approach between everybody at The Goat and the band.'

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Summer gigs will be played in the garden, weather permitting, if not they will be held in the garden room.

Anyone who wants to book a table at the pub for lunch should call 01692 538600.

People can eat lunch at the venue while watching the band perform.

In addition to the jazz programme, there will be a host other events and attractions throughout the year at the rural venue.

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