Noddy and the Magical Day

CAROLINE CULOT Norwich Theatre Royal


Why would anyone want to sit in a dark theatre full of young children on a hot summer's day? Why, because a show dedicated to Noddy, that “little boy with the red and yellow car,” is on of course.

If you thought this production of Noddy's Magical Day was a repeat of the one which came before to the Theatre Royal, it is worth noting that it is in fact a new show with a different storyline. Ideally suited to two to six year olds, it has Noddy and friends Big Ears, Martha Monkey, Mr Wobbly Man and Mr Plod attempting to gather some special gifts for Tessie Bear's birthday. And of course, as might be expected, their efforts are hampered by the two naughty goblins, Gobbo and Sly.

This show is everything as a parent you hope it might be with colourful sets and lovely costumes recreating Enid Blyton's much-loved characters and the world of Toy Town. Kirsty Holmes makes a suitable Noddy although all six members of the cast worked tirelessly throughout to deliver a hearty performance. They were helped by some great technical props such as Noddy's car – which really goes – and the beautiful friendship tree with golden leaves. You even get to catch a glimpse of that boisterous Bumpy dog! It's all there – from catchy tunes the kids can join in with to nursery rhymes and like all good children's productions, a worthwhile message too, this one being on the importance of friendship. The show, including interval, lasts two hours and it should be noted that the auditorium was wonderfully cool.