No Time For Fig Leaves

St George's Theatre, Yarmouth

St George's Theatre, Yarmouth

The well-proportioned stage of St George's Theatre was ideally suited to this brilliant farce set in the reception room of the country house of Prime Minister Constance Claythorne, a character similar to Lady Thatcher, who was well portrayed by Eve Canham.

The timing was inspired. A nuclear explosion has annihilated the male population of the country but, preserved within a space capsule, two men are left alive.

Wing Cmdr Nigel Lawler, is a lively, engaging personality, well portrayed by Paul Johnson, and Prof David Moxton, a convincing cameo of a learned research scientist, is cleverly depicted by Jason Delaney.

The two men are brought to the Prime Minsiter's residence, resulting in the maid, Dora, suffering several fainting fits at the sight of the men in an all-female domain.

The two are held virtual prisoners, guarded by Major Danvers-Bishop, splendidly portrayed by Brenda Ceiley. However, the natural desire of mankind to perpetuate the species leads to amorous overtures, even in such discouraging circumstances.

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Finally, the burlesque escape attempts of the pair hold the audience rapt, while the power struggle between the Prime Minister and the First Lord of the Admiralty, portrayed by Sonia Masters, leads to a dramatic climax.

This was a pacey production which demanded infinite attention to detail from everybody concerned, both on and off stage.

Authenticity was lent by costumes kindly provided by the Army and Navy Store. Eve Canham was the director of this most enjoyable play. It continues nightly at 7.30pm until Saturday, July 8.

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