NNF12: Mysterious Planet of the Jackanapes artwork arrives at Norwich Castle

A world where creatures real and imaginary fight for survival was brought to life inside the walls of Norwich Castle at the weekend.

The Planet of the Jackanapes exhibition in the castle's art gallery, as part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, was set up with the intention of getting people involved in painting and drawing.

London duo Battle of the Eyes, Edwin Pouncey and Chris Long, not only put some of their mystical artwork on show but also demonstrated how they create their mythical creatures.

Mr Pouncey, or Savage Pencil as he is known in the art world, said it was their first time he and Mr Long, also known as Eyeball, have brought their work to Norwich and that they were hoping to find time to explore more of the festival.

He said: 'We've had a steady stream of people coming in so far and they all want to know the story behind each piece of work, and there is a story behind each one.

'We are busy here most of the time but we would definitely look to go and see some of the other events. I saw the opening events with the giant monsters on the Friday night on the local news and that looked very interesting.

They are trying to do the same sort of things as us, creating creatures of imagination and fantasy.'

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The exhibition, part of the Museums at Night series, will continue at the castle between 5pm and 10pm this Saturday and 1pm and 4pm on Sunday, as well as 1pm to 4pm on Saturday, May 26.

To see more pictures from the exhibition, view the picture gallery at the top-right of this page.

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