Nimmo Twins - Normal for Norfolk 11

Norwich Playhouse

Yes, the boys are back in town - as foul mouthed and keenly observant as ever. Their sketch show, now as much a part of Christmas as mince pies, turkey and all the trimmings, gives us Fine City residents a slap in the face as it holds up a mirror to our foibles.

The pair, Karl Minns and Owen Evans, mix some of our favourite characters such as the dodgy city councillors and the indefatigable She Go with newer friends. I have a soft spot for the GTIs (Golden Triangle Inhabitants) Miles and Giles probably because I know several people just like them!

This year they target the chattering classes more than usual. They loathe second homers and anyone with pretensions. They have lots of fun with Norwich's bid for unitary status, loathe the new statues around Next and continually refer to Norfolk's “special” qualities.

Their perceptions, however cruel, are, of course, spot on. Their research is admirable as they are right on top of the nitty gritty of local current affairs and know exactly where to stick the knife.

Ultimately, they are a great tonic as they stop us all taking ourselves too seriously.

The show, which runs almost up to Christmas, is a sell out so, as the Nimmo Twins would say - only more crudely, I'm sure - tough luck. You should have got yourself organised earlier!

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