MICHAEL DRAKE Gresham's School Auden Theatre at Holt


MWDB – not another unfathomable set of letters carved in stone. In fact, there is a letter missing, “C” for clue and cello, and in the enterprising Gresham's School Subscription Series concert last evening we were entertained by a Man and a Woman playing double bass and cello.

Perhaps there should also be an S for the W was also a singer and Anything Goes was a good enough vocal start after a not-too-well-in-tune Bellini medley.

But this was cabaret. Cole Porter, Gershwin, Strauss via Gershwin (or was it vice versa?) with the base going to a higher level than it normally reaches.

Playing 17th-century instruments, Lowrie Blake and Peter Buckoke moved backwards to a Sonata from that time but the duo were probably at their best in songs from the shows – The Man I Love being one of the best examples and I Got Rhythm had just that with added neatness.

Rossini's Duetto was the inspiration for MWDB's birth and humour too, I guess, for each thoroughly enjoyed trying to outdo the other in the first movement cadenzas. A five-minute synopsis of The Ring and a bit of pop nostalgia with the likes of Busy Line ended what had been a lively and busy evening.