Mozart Players Chamber Ensemble

MICHAEL DRAKE Salvation Army Citadel


Salvation Army Citadel

Those who have bumped into an acquaintance on a trip to London or met someone not seen for years on holiday will recognise either fate or coincidence. And either was the inspiration for last evening's concert of music found in the old St Andrew's Hospital that eventually got into the hands of Ensemble director David Juritz.

And it all metamorphosed into a group of some 50 singers directed by workshop vocal coach Chrissy Parsons-West who, in her bright red dress, immediately captured the rhythms and spirit of a couple of African songs. Certainly the therapeutic vision from the hospital legacy to users, staff and carers of the present day Trust was well and truly fulfilled.

Other “reclaimed” music was played by the Ensemble and one could imagine the “hospital orchestral” evenings as they moved from the Magic Flute via Lilac Time to the Blue Danube. Finally Spring, a truly community composition by workshop choir members co-ordinated and conducted by Fraser Trainer, though repetitive, was again full of joyful rhythms. A Festival for all indeed.