Miles Jupp at Latitude

Latitude 2014

Latitude 2014 - Credit: Nick Butcher

Miles was late. He was 'putting an offer in on a second home in the area'.

As it was that sentiment - middle class woes - which ran through Miles Jupp's 35 minute set in the comedy tent.

The setting couldn't had been any better for a monotone rant about the problems facing a dad-of-four struggling to come to terms with his lost youth and freedom.

The festival crowd - full of edgy mums and dads, with their trendy children donning floral headbands - lapped up the jokes about life with 2.4 children and the dreaded dishwasher.

Miles was different to his Have got I Got News For You persona.

But his dead-pan and self-deprecating manner was a vision of a man on the edge and a great skit.

'Too much to do', 'no time for myself' he said.

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We all recognised his middle England life as we sat in the sun on our Cath Kidston chairs.

Poor Miles, domestic life can be a bore.

I just wonder what the nanny thought.

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