Merrill Osmond

Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

It was all there, the hysteria, the screaming fans, knickers on the stage and the “I Love You” banners.

Teenagers greeting The Darkness at the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft? Well no. Actually it was middle-age women greeting the idol from their teens: Merrill Osmond, one-time lead singer of what could be the original “boy band” The Osmonds.

With his striking silver hair and neatly trimmed beard, the leather-clad singer had the fans rockin' from the start to finish with old and new songs delivered in a real punchy manner.

The sheer musical energy of this charismatic man had his fans dancing in the aisles for nearly two hours.

His backing band is excellent and the duet with daughter Heather clearly showed she has inherited her father's talent.

The supporting act Marie McCartney with Chris on guitar broke the ice nicely and the audience quickly warmed to Marie's banter.

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Those close enough to the front of the stage got to clasp hands with Merrill and take away his leather gloves as souvenirs but it was when he descended from the stage and stood on one of the seats to sing from the middle of the audience that the atmosphere became electric as he hugged and kissed the surrounding fans.

A large group of fans was following the tour around the country and came from France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

As a member of the famous Osmond family Merrill has written the music and lyrics for five number one hit records and sang lead to the group's collective 27 Gold records.

By the end of the evening it was clear Merrill had given it all he had and straight from the heart. Most of his audience may have been past the first flush of youth but staid they ain't!

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