Meet the Norfolk contestant taking part in Channel 4’s brand new reality gameshow The Circle

Mitchell from Norfolk is one of the players in The Circle on Channel 4 (C) C4

Mitchell from Norfolk is one of the players in The Circle on Channel 4 (C) C4 - Credit: WMA

The Circle is Channel 4's brand new reality TV show based on our collective obsession with social media. Described as 'the ultimate personality test' one of the contestants on the show is a 22-year-old bar supervisor from Norfolk. Let's meet him...

The Circle is about to take social media to a whole new level to discover whether the impression we create of ourselves online mirrors who we are in reality.

With a Big Brother-like feel to it, the action takes place in a block of flats which the contestants will be moving into for the next three weeks - but the twist is that they will all be in separate apartments and will only be able to communicate with each other online via The Circle, a social media platform created for the purposes of the show.

How the contestants get on and deal with each other depends entirely on how they portray themselves online - whether they are themselves or a different version of who they really are as seen through a social media filter.

The contestants will only get to meet each other once they've been eliminated and blocked by another person - at this point everyone will be able to find out whether the person they've been talking to was true to themselves or pretending to be someone they weren't.

Hosted by Maya Jama and Alice Levine, there are eight brave contestants preparing to bare all online.

They include call centre worker Aiden, 19, from Wakefield, UNILAD content producer Alex, 26, who will be playing as his real-life girlfriend of two years, Kate, London-based salesman Dan, 20-year-old call centre worker Freddie from Essex who is gay but will be pretending to be straight to other contestants, London mum Genelle, 31, who will be playing as herself but witholding some details, 40-year-old Jennifer from Newcastle who is a Google Analytics expert who will be pretending to be a doctor, model Sian, who will be playing down her attractiveness and 22-year-old bar supervisor Mitchell from Norfolk. OMG.

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Mitchell, 22, is from Norfolk. He's single and will be playing as himself.

IN A NUTSHELL: Mitchell is a bar supervisor from Norfolk. He's the self-proclaimed 'King of Tinder' and the ultimate lad. He absolutely loves the ladies, but there's no-one he'd rather spend time with than his beloved mum.

MOTIVATION FOR ENTERING THE CIRCLE: Mitchell wants to enter The Circle for the money as he wants to spoil his mum and take the boys to Vegas. If he makes new friends and finds a future wife along the way it'd be a bonus. He's popular in real life and has no problem reeling in the girls online, so he wants to put his natural charm to the test in The Circle.

STRATEGY: Mitchell is going to be totally himself in The Circle. He'll be building bromances with the boys and grafting all the girls in order to get everyone on side.

What attracted you to taking part in The Circle?

It looks like fun and could lead onto other things. I'm trying to live a little before I get a mortgage and settle down. I'm currently doing a Bar Supervisor job, which leaves my days free to go the gym and see my mates. I'm hoping to go and do a season in Ibiza next year. The atmosphere over there is unreal. Everyone's out for a good time.

Apparently you love naughty texting, is that right?

Yeah. My mum won't be too pleased about reading that. My whole family are all very heavily Christian and all police officers! I might have to find somewhere new to live at this rate. It's never unwanted, I don't just send it to random people. It's always a two-way thing and it's pretty much every day. A lot of chat, a few photos.

Has it ever backfired?

There's been a couple of near-misses. Screen shots taken, things going to the wrong people. But normally they laugh it off. In fact, it's helped a couple of times when I've sent it to the wrong person, then something's developed from there. That was a bonus.

And you're the self-proclaimed King Of Tinder. How come?

Ha ha. It's escalated in the last couple of years. I've got more into putting up photos on Instagram and meeting girls. I've got a tagline: 'The first message from you, the first drink's on me.' I don't really use it so much anymore to meet people. I just swipe right, get loads of matches and big my head up a bit!

Yet you also describe yourself as a hopeless romantic?

Yeah, I make no sense! When I'm single, I'm properly single. But when I find someone, I fall head over heels, make romantic gestures, the lot. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm all or nothing. Either not enough or too much.

Which social media are you on?

I'm on Facebook and obviously Tinder, but Snapchat and Instagram are the ones I use most. Snapchat I use to talk to people, instead of texting. Instagram's to get likes and become more popular. I'm definitely addicted to it. Me and my mates have a rigorous sign-off protocol and send the image around the group for approval before we post anything. We send around ideas for captions. I usually edit the pics for my mates because I'm the best at it: get rid of any spots, make it more tanned, turn the structure up if it's topless. Then we wait to get a bunch of likes!

How will you cope in The Circle without that support network?

That's definitely going to be weird. There's a group of seven of us, really good mates, and we chat 24/7. Being out of contact is going to feel strange but it's for a good reason. I might be more myself without that filter. They're always telling me 'Mitchell, calm down', 'Mitchell, step back', 'Mitchell, shut up', 'Mitchell, you're talking about yourself too much.' They'll be voices in the back of my head instead.

How will you approach The Circle?

At first, I won't treat it like a game. I'll just be myself, chat to people, put myself out there. I'll flirt with the girls and befriend the guys. If I realise that's not working or making me popular, I might try and stir it up a little. But I wouldn't want to win by being fake.

So will you be flirting in The Circle?

Happily! I'm always open to that. My profile pics will be a bit showy but not so much. Maybe topless but doing something jokey or stupid at the same time.

Will you trust people in The Circle?

I'll be wary and build trust gradually. I realise there might be some catfishing. If I find out I've been chatting up a girl who's really an old man, that would be ridiculous. I'd get ruined by my mates. I wouldn't be able to go home or show my face.

How will you handle three weeks in an apartment on your own?

I'm excited. I've lived with an ex-girlfriend before, so being away from home is fine. But at the moment, all my washing, ironing and food shopping is done by my mum and step-dad. The only thing I do for myself is cooking and that's because of the gym: fresh chicken, rice, all that. My mum thinks this is hilarious and has been trying to train me up as a domestic god but I'll probably end up doing something dumb. My ADHD means I amuse myself by doing stupid stuff. Again, I've got no filter.

Are you competitive?

Very. Even if I go to an arcade on a first date or take her bowling, I'll make sure I win.

How would you spend the £50,000 prize money?

Ten grand would go to my mum, ten grand would go on a holiday to Vegas with my mates and thirty grand would go into starting my own business - a bar or a gym.

* The Circle is on Channel 4 at 9pm on Tuesdays from September 18.