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Norwich Playhouse

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Mark Thomas roared on to the stage to a soundtrack of politico hip-hoppers and aware techno.

His first lines: “John Peel is dead, Bush will be elected, we're all doomed,” did not set a promising note to an evening of comedy.

But he soon dispelled the gloom as he launched into a tirade attacking everything from the Countryside Alliance to American Foreign Policy and ID cards.

But what really set the stage aglow, as usual, were the tales of his own protests and stunts. This time, it was Bush, arms dealing, BAE and Coca-Cola that got had got him all riled up (and also, arrested).

Each story was split into many parts, with a whole gallery of characters and absurd details. And the man can paint a scene: I will never forget his description of a group of hopeful canoeists taking to the Thames to stop some war ships from docking.

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It is the struggle of the many good, ordinary, funny human beings against corporate interests and government corruption which fuels this act, this man and his audience.

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