Macbeth - Out of Joint

Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

> Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

The audience are lined up in the foyer and marshalled under armed escort to a courtyard outside the theatre.

This is a jungle clearing in Africa where you meet the three witches. Yes, this is Macbeth by William Shakespeare, but with a difference!

Armed rebels with AK-47 rifles and mobile phones are there but the Shakespearean word is still spoken. It tones down a bit when you are encouraged to go to the main arena and learn more about the characters.

Raquel Cassidy is a most formidable lady Macbeth using all her devious powers and sexuality to get her husband (played by Danny Sapani) to kill his way to power.

Adding a lighter moment is Sayton (Chris Ryman) whose rapport with the audience included talk of wanting money for a new computer, a CD re-writer and disc with Windows XP and some medical books.

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Returning to the story you are then cordially invited to a banquet in the adjoining room.

Clearly the whole production proves to be an interactive event with the audience who are wined and dined.

Out of Joint have provided an adventurous innovative and thought-provoking inter-pretation of the Bard's work.

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