Love Island 2017: Former contestant from Norwich Harley Judge reveals all the secrets from the villa

Love Island 2017 cast. Kem Cetinay (middle) will be coming to Norwich. Picture: ITV / Joel Anderson

Love Island 2017 cast. Kem Cetinay (middle) will be coming to Norwich. Picture: ITV / Joel Anderson - Credit: ITV

From unlimited personalised water bottles to the 'voice of god' - Norwich's dumped Love Island contestant Harley Judge reveals the villa's secrets.

Harley Judge from Norwich is a contestant on Love Island 2017. Picture: ITV / Joel Anderson

Harley Judge from Norwich is a contestant on Love Island 2017. Picture: ITV / Joel Anderson - Credit: ITV

• They do eat, they just don't cook

'At breakfast times you cook for yourselves and the other two meals are provided,' said Harley. 'It's sort of like a buffet but it is a healthy buffet. It is really nice food and if there is something you don't like or there is something you want more of you just put a request in. As everyone keeps quite fit in the villa everyone wants chicken, rice, sweet potato, vegetables and salad.'

• Beds are changed all the time

'They get changed pretty much everyday and when everybody is outside runners come in and make all the beds. You could be outside and come back in and someone could be making the bed or it is already done.'

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• Non-islanders in the villa

'There are runners in there all the time but if you say hello to them they might give you a smile back but they are not supposed to talk back. There are also villa producers who come in if you have a problem, they want talk to you about something or there is something interesting happening in the villa that day.'

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• Voice of god

'The 'voice of god' summons you to the beach hut. They can call you at any point during the day but you have to go twice a day at least and they have certain things they want to talk to you about.'

• What's the time?

'You never have any concept of time so you never know what the time is in the morning or in the evening. So some times you go to bed at 5am and they then wake you up at 8am. They tell you all to settle down and go to bed and then the villa producers will come in and tell you they are going to turn the lights out.'

• Villa is huge

'The villa is a lot bigger then what you are actually allowed to use of it. They partition walls off so what you see is all we are allowed in.'

• Retakes

'The drive way to the villa is really, really long. They gave me a broken suitcase when I got voted off and the wheels didn't work so I was dragging it along and it was bobbing about so the producers made me go back and say bye to everyone again.'

• Free clothes

'For me I didn't have very long to buy stuff but some of the others had known since January they were going in the villa so they had plenty of time to prepare. They contacted some labels to get some free clothes but I got everything off my back.'

• Camilla gets dribbly

'They drip feed alcohol in but if you ask for more they won't give it to you. Camilla got really drunk one night when Jonny and Chris came in. She was dribbling and all sorts, honestly she was really bad. The girls did a dance sequence and they drunk one bottle of processco but the producers said they had to do it again. They got another bottle and drunk that and when the new lads came in they got another one. Camilla then went on a date with Jonny and Chris and got two massive goblets of wine. When she came back she was stumbling all over the place. She had a bit of my water and Marcel made her laugh and she spat it everywhere and was just laying there dribbling with laughter.'

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