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Norwich Puppet Theatre

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The Puppet Theatre was crammed with fans for Lisa Redford (she of the American-roots-feel ballad) and for the quirky lyrics of local singer/songwriter Andrew Taylor (support).

As the theatre filled up, the space tingled with a warm relaxed atmosphere: it reminded me of some the best Norwich Fringe gigs in the company of legendary performers like Helen Watson, for instance. And Redford had some of Watson's star quality: produced by Gabriel Minnikin, ex of the Guthries, her ballady songs had an effortless feel, as if they bounced right out of her without her having to try.

And Minnikin was on stage with her as she introduced numbers from her new album, Lost Again, a departure from her well-loved first CD Slipstream only in terms of the full instrumentation that accompanied the songs. As before, playful American tones kept seeping through. And use of exotica like dobro and pedal steel gave some fine twangy textures.

Local strummer Andrew Taylor had a natural on-stage presence, and an observant eye coupled with a good, deep, fruity guitar technique.

A classy night.

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