Linda Smith

Swaffham Arts Week: Hamond's High School

In the brash world of stand-up comedy, where many acts would flounder without liberal references to sex and bodily functions, comedian and writer Linda Smith relies on wry, witty observations about the absurdities of life to charm her audiences.

Her performance at Hamond's High School as part of Swaffham Arts Week's 20th anniversary saw her immediately bonding with the audience as she roamed over subjects as diverse as Tony and Cherie, class, Labradors, weapons of mass destruction and… Swaffham's temporary traffic lights.

At first, her comedy seems cosy and familiar, but it's not long before the sharp and topical comment slides in, soft as a whisper, but right on the mark.

Better known for her appearances on Radio 4's classic 6.30pm comedy slots, especially The News Quiz and the venerable Just a Minute, Linda Smith is no stranger to Swaffham, having appeared here two years ago, again during the Arts Week.

Her strong affection for the county was clear throughout her two-hour performance at Hamond's and the audience loved every minute of it. Do see Linda Smith, who is currently on tour , if you can. You'll have a truly enjoyable evening with a wonderfully amusing and genuinely funny performer .

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