Les Miserables

ALISON CROOSE Angles Theatre, Wisbech


Angles Theatre, Wisbech

Students tackled one of the most demanding musicals and captivated their audience with an impressive performance that belied their age and experience.

Even though it was the schools edition of the record-breaking show, dozens of youngsters from Wisbech schools and the Isle College proved they were more than a match for the challenge.

They displayed maturity in their acting and vitality in their singing to capture all the emotion of the story under the guiding hand of Emlyn Moment, whose direction was the key to the show's success.

He ensured a slick product-ion that maintained its momentum throughout and created impressive effects - particularly of the barricade - in the theatre's confined space. Sarah Edwards' musical direction added to the atmosphere.

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All the cast displayed great confidence, with outstanding performances from Simon Smith (Valjean), Robert Williams (Marius) and Ashley Elsey (Enjolras), with strong support from Emma Small (Cosette), Natalie Stafford (Eponine) and Daz Mongston (Javert).

They kept up the quality of the performance to the tear-jerking finale.

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