Laurence and Gus

Norwich Playhouse

When the tag-line for a gag show is that it gives you the history of the world in five-and-a-half sketches, you know two things about it straight away: one, that it is not going to keep you in your seat too long and two, that it is not going to tell you very much about world history.

As the lights flashed up on Laurence and Gus at the Playhouse, the second promise was quickly fulfilled. Two white-coated scientists in a call centre fielded questions from around the globe, whilst hypothesising about the big bang: “maybe the electron simply dropped off”.

We were then whirled, Tardis-like, into a cartoon sketch and caught up in the absurdity of man's relentlessly-enthusiastic search for the answer to all things. Would

it be in the genius invention of a new, taste-tingling tea bag? Would it be in a true understanding of the art of laughter; the discovery of a fresh continent; a new love or (God forbid) another football team?

This history of the world may sound like a bit of a well-worn tale, but the material was thoughtfully presented, weaving in a smattering of good local jokes. The duo delivered some slick mime passages, and although the evening fell short of touching the heart, it may fairly be said to have tickled the funny bone.