Latitude Review and video: Steve Mason

Steve Mason live at Latitude 2013

Steve Mason live at Latitude 2013 - Credit: Archant

As frontman for The Beta Band (you'll probably know their song Dry The Rain from the fantastic music shop scene in the High Fidelity film) Steve Mason is probably used to the acclaim he receives not quite matching up to popularity.

And the same could be said of his last few years as a solo singer - despite releasing one of my own favourite albums of the last few years 'Boys Outside' followed by this year's corker 'Monkey Minds in the Devil's Time'.

But perhaps that is about to change, because Mason draws a large crowd to the main stage at Latitude, despite his mid-afternoon slot and the fact it coincided with periods of incessant rain. And Mason doesn't for one minute disappoint, flitting between the laid-back and melodic tunes of 'Boys Outside' and the more politically-led rabble rousing tunes of his most recent release.

Highlights include 'Lost and Found' - if I'd have been any more laid back during this song I'd have fallen over - and the cutting edge 'Fight Them Back' - a call to arms which must be about the recent London riots.

As always with Mason he mixes the fantastic tunes with politics and attempts to encourage others to join him in the good fight, which go down surprisingly well considering the usual demographic at Latitude. The gig was a real highlight and it was great so many were there.

Dave Powles