LATITUDE: Norwich man has money and phone stolen after tent raid

A Norwich man called for more stewards at the Latitude Festival after thieves targeted his camping area and stole �600 and three mobile phones as he slept.

Dean Khalil, of Grovesnor Road, Norwich, was camping with three friends at the festival when they awoke at 5.30am today (Friday July 13) to find their tents open and their belongings scattered across the floor.

After searching for their valuables, they realised their wallets and three iPhones had been stolen.

The 27-year-old said the thieves had to reach over them to get their valuables, which they kept next to them through the night.

Mr Khalil said: 'I woke up at 5.30am in the morning and all our tents were open. When everyone was getting out we realised all our stuff was all over the floor. All our phones and wallets were gone. Although we had our bags they had been rifled through.'

The group made contact with festival stewards who found their wallets and handed them back after they described what they looked like.

But more than �600 in cash had been taken, while their credit cards were still inside.

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He said:'It is disgusting. The fact that they crawled over us to get to our stuff.

'We were warned by the police that people targeted festivals for crime but what more can they do.

'People have to take their phones and even if its on you they will still try and steal them.

'It will put me off coming in the future. It was just fortunate that I had some more money on me.

'I think they need more stewards here to stop this from happening.'

• Police were questioning two teenagers this evening (Friday) after they were arrested on suspicion of theft from tents.

The two 18-year-old men were detained by Latitude security staff then handed over to police.

Officers have taken at least a dozen reports of thefts from tents at Latitude campsites since Thursday.

The two teenagers were taken by Suffolk police into custody at Martlesham Police Investigation Centre where they were being interviewed by officers in connection with the thefts.

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