Latitude enthralled by poet Annie Katchinska

Drawing on reflections from her early life in Moscow and the London life she grew up in, Katchinska successfully incorporates clever observations and she stereotypes the nation of modern Britain.

Having lived in London most of her life she clearly has a passion for capturing snapshots of the people and moments that she has grown up in and been influenced by.

Although she appeared humble to the applauding crowds her words were powerful and moved listeners effortlessly from laughs to quiet reflection.

In the poem 'Toni Braxton' Katchinska tells the story of her parents love for bad nineties pop music and their need to play it inappropriately at important dinner parties. In this she again draws on parallels of a young childhood in a different country a how her family tries to settle into life in London.

Next audiences were invited to learn about the inspiration of her poem 'Fruit Machine', which she wrote in the toilet of a big restaurant chain, and in 'He's a Serious Actor Now' she made the audience grin with grim humour as she read aloud the story of a dream date gone bad.

The final piece was the poem 'The Twenty-third Minute' in which Katchinska lays down her feelings about the passion of footballers and their followers.

She again cleverly grasps on to a moment and the feelings she has associated with it.

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This talented poet began writing at the age of 15 and in 2006 and 2007 was one of the 15 Foyle Young Poets of the Year.

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