Latitude 2017: Mystery Jets say Suffolk festival’s ‘wonderful vibrancy’ keeps them coming back for more

Mystery Jets on the main stage at Latitude 2017. Picture: PAUL JOHN BAYFIELD

Mystery Jets on the main stage at Latitude 2017. Picture: PAUL JOHN BAYFIELD - Credit: PAUL JOHN BAYFIELD

Mystery Jets say it's Latitude Festival's unique atmosphere that keeps them returning.

Band members William Rees and Blaine Harrison, who played the Obelisk Arena on Friday afternoon, spoke to Mustard TV about what makes Latitude different to other festivals.

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'We've been many times,' said Rees, with Harrison describing the Suffolk festival as having a 'wonderful vibrancy', which, since its founding in 2006, has 'grown in a good way'.

When asked what sets Latitude apart from its counterparts, the two remarked on what the rest of the weekend held, specifically spending the evening in 'the mythical woods'.

'This is something on the festival calendar we always look forward to,' Harrison added.

The duo also commented that they were more than happy with their 4 o'clock slot on Friday afternoon because the crowd were keen to get the party started.

Rees said: 'They're right at the beginning of this Latitude adventure that they're all on so they're in good spirits.'

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The pair also touched upon The Maccabees disbanding, an emotional topic as Mystery Jets supported the band on their farewell tour. Harrison thought it was 'very honourable for a band like that to bow out at their absolute peak'.

Mystery jets recently announced a five-day residency, named Jetrospective, at The Garage, London, where they will perform one of their five albums on each of the nights. Harrison reflected, 'It's going to be chaos, but hopefully beautiful chaos.'

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