Latitude 2016: Festival veterans British Sea Power put on efficient show

British Sea Power live on the Obelisk Stage at Latitude 2016 - Paul John Bayfield

British Sea Power live on the Obelisk Stage at Latitude 2016 - Paul John Bayfield

In their 16 year history British Sea Power have earned a reputation as one of the country's most reliable festival acts.

The Brighton band hae been on the festival circuit for several years and were not performing at Latitude for the first time.

However, given their clinical delivery, it is easy to understand why.

Set-opener 'Machineries of Joy' announces the bands to a large audience at the Obelisk Arena, however, a surprisingly early inclusion of fan-favourite Waving Flags really gets the onlookers engaged.

Many revellers are more than happy to oblige to the flag waiving request, however, in the absence of flags, tree branches – and in one case – a Womble, makes adequate substitute.

In each track, lead guitarist Martin Noble provides melodic, but powerful riffs, which mesh harmoniously with viola, courtesy of Abi Fry.

Throughout the set lead vocalist Jan Scott Wilkinson snarls proudly, occasionally handing responsibilities over to bassist and brother Hamilton.

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The bands chugging guitars and catchy melodies provide an apt accompaniment to sunny Friday afternoon.

Curiously, the band have a model stork lurking in the background, whose reason for being there is never quite made clear.

Midway through the set, focus is shifted slightly away from the band, due to the presence of an enormous bear costume in the crowd, though BSP professionally plod on.

The set closes on another anthemic note, with 2008's Carion/All In It, which has the crowd clapping and dancing in time.

It may not necessarily be many people's top set of the weekend, but very few will have left feeling short changed after a solid, precise set.

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