King's Lynn Festival exhibitions

ALISON CROOSE King's Lynn Arts Centre


One artist specialises in off-beat ceramics and the other lives in the St Ives colony. Exhibited in nearby galleries their work offers diverse and fascinating interest.

Paul Ebbens gives a new perspective to ceramics, and the quirky, colourful forms he creates prompt plenty of debate for visitors to the Fermoy Gallery.

The bold colour of Random Orange, the bright simplicity of Daisy Chain, and the elevation of his Melon Tree are a treat for the eye.

Add to these the complexities of a series of Frantic Faces and Stripy Sticks and any preconceptions about ceramics being clay and pots were long forgotten.

Roy Ray was principal of St Ives School of Painting for 23 years. His art has developed from painting and print-making into abstract collage.

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But the special qualities of the Cornish coastline which has inspired a legion of painters is still evident at the Red Barn Gallery. He incorporates wood, grit and rope into his sombre, atmospheric textured paintings.