Kind of guy you want to hit!

Just Between Ourselves, Stage Direct @ Sheringham Little Theatre

Just Between Ourselves, Stage Direct @ Sheringham Little Theatre


Dennis is the kind of guy you would end up hitting through sheer frustration. Apart from spending worrying amounts of time in his garage attempting DIY, Dennis is oblivious to the nervous wreck that has become his wife Vera, which is all thanks to his indifference and his possessive mother.

Through his unsuccessful attempt at selling Vera's car, Dennis strikes up a friendship with Neil, who was looking for a present for his own wife Pam.

Can Vera be saved with a friend of her own in Pam? An incident involving an electric sander and her mother-in-law will decide.

The best performance in this dark comedy comes from Bernice Escott as Vera, a woman who has had so much confidence knocked out of her over the years. Dennis is played convincingly by Nigel Manson.

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The cast of five give good all-round performances – though let down by a flat ending after a strong second act.

t Directed by Derek Bull this is the third Alan Ayckbourn play to be staged by the Sheringham-based company and runs until Saturday May 26.