Kay Oshten exhibition

MICHAEL DRAKE Crome Gallery, Elm Hill, Norwich


Crome Gallery, Elm Hill, Norwich

One of the endearing qualities of the late Norwich-born artist Kay Ohsten was her permanent bright outlook on life which shone through her work. The fact that she was a friend from our early days together with the Broadland Singers added nostalgia to this comprehensive exhibition. Invariably when we were away singing, she would take a sketch book to a quiet corner to record the scene.

As she did when the Castle Mall was under construction with watercolours full of action, in particular “the fiery mass of hot metal” while there is a mixture of humanity in her series of “bodies” in a fusion of colours.

Norwich and Norfolk of course feature in the exhibition - Norwich School, The Close and the Cathedral (significantly with scaffolding around the spire) as well as expansive views of Wells, Salthouse and a calm Broads scene.

Kay Ohsten's abstracts have a similar sort of attraction in a free and bright style which epitomised her art.

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t The exhibition continues until October 27.

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