Journey's End

Norwich Theatre Royal

> Norwich Theatre Royal

Initially you could be forgiven for comparing this play with Blackadder Goes Forth but this came first as it was written in 1929. However the humour, especially in the early stages was lighter but the serious side much more deadly.

Playing Capt Stanhope was Tom Wisdom, whose image was of the war hero but it was only the large amount of whiskey which got him through the war. His frailty was poignant. The stabilising influence was Lt Osborne (Philip Franks) who was known as Uncle. You could not help but warm to him.

Pte Mason (Stephen Casey) was the Baldrick-type character, but perhaps this portrait may have been tempered by the Blackadder production.

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Second Lt Raleigh (Richard Glaves) was the lamb to the slaughter and his naivety, innocence and idealism accentuated the futility of war.

The set was awesome, with the candlelight giving general gloominess which brought home the horror and reality of armed conflict. You are left in no doubt the true cost of war.

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