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What a wonderful man, an astute observer who captures the moments many of us miss in exactly the right words, creating exactly the right mood.

As the centrepiece of an ensemble performance, he was magically supported by striking and emotive actresses Rohan McCullough and Joanna David, backed by the brilliant piano of Christine Croshaw.

Mortimer is a product of a bygone age - he recalled that as a precocious pre-war schoolboy on seeing Churchill at Harrow, he declared that if he were put in charge of the war we would soon be in serious trouble.

But he is also highly contemporary.

The anecdotes were warm, the humour gentle, even when mocking those who caused him concern, anxiety or even curiosity - the politicians today who have to create new enemies to defeat such as immigrants, single mothers and banks.

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Or Noreen the heroine of a droll anecdote with her one-piece bosom permanently absorbed in her ironing.

Yet Noreen's world-weary putdown to her vain husband shocked and rocked the audience into raucous, loud and joyful laughter.

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