Joe Zawinul Syndicate

Norfolk and Norwich Festival event at St Andrew's Hall, Norwich

World-class, when applied to excellence in the arts, is an over-used epithet. Applied to the Joe Zawinul Syndicate, however, it is a complete understatement.

Under the watchful eye of the 72-year-old jazz musikmeister – whose keyboard innovations brought the world Miles Davis's classic In a Silent Way in 1969 and then founded the jazz rock pioneers Weather Report a couple of years later – his young Syndicate is a priceless collection.

Mostly utilising his love of modal themes, Zawinul nods encourage-ment from his synthesisers as his forces build on repeated patterns and shifting rhythms in a series of extended compositions.

Bassist Linley Marthe takes the Fender electric bass to the next dimension with a jaw-dropping display of chords, double stopping and harmonics.

New York drummer Nathaniel Townsley's lack of fussiness makes his powerhouse rhythms all the more effective.

Percussionist Monolo “El Toro” Badrena exudes masterly control over bongos, gongs and cymbals.

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Amit Chaterjee, from Calcutta, has two-fold gifts: vocalist and equally exciting guitarist.

Sabine Kabongo is a singer from the Republic of Congo with a vocal range of almost terrifying power.

This is world music that brought the Norwich audience to its feet in heart-felt appreciation. A feeling that transmitted both ways.

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