Jeanine Thorpe and Alex Demitrou

CHRISTOPHER SMITH Assembly House, Norwich


Everybody emerged delighted from this well-attended lunchtime recital. Born in 1989, Jeanine Thorpe stands, perfectly poised, attractively blonde, on the threshold of what will no doubt be a distinguished career as a violinist.

Graciously accepting that his role was secondary, yet showing authority, Alex Demetriou was her accompanist.

Greig's third sonata and Brahms' second offered a host of opportunities. Long melodies were given space enough to breathe, but were not allowed to droop into sentimentality. The same good taste stopped the echoes of folk dancers from becoming coarse.

Control of dynamics also made a major contribution, with no forcing at the climaxes. A pleasing feature was the way in which the episodes calling for plucking were integrated into the overall musical texture.

In the lower register in particular, the deeper tone pleased. The harmonics too rang out high with conviction and confidence.

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Christopher Smith

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