Jacqui Dankworth

Norwich Playhouse (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)

Norwich Playhouse (Norfolk and Norwich Festival)

A voice of the emotions - sensitive, moving jazz from Jacqui Dankworth who packs a mighty punch for a tiny lady.

She is totally her own woman with her own style and delivery that builds on a solid jazz heritage.

She has amazing voice control whether at full volume or the most delicate whisper that chilled the silence of the Playhouse last night.

She has taken the unexpected phrasing of Billie Holiday to new lyrical levels but with the clarity of a Sarah Vaughn and the passion of Lena Horne.

She bends her notes like a true jazzer with much of the sax-style phrasing she may have learned at her father's knee.

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Her mother must be proud of her but she is an immensely different singer and, if the excitement of the audience last night is an indication, one of the best jazz singers today - and all that, virtually scat-free: though she did perform an ethereal one-woman chorus over some of the accompanying solos.

Her band was impeccable, lead by Malcolm Edmonstone on piano, Chris Allard, guitars, Andrew Bain on drums and Julian Jackson on bass. She sang from the middle of the band, not from the front.

Five amazing musicians in perfect accord.

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