I'll Get My Man

Memorial Hall, Dereham

Memorial Hall, Dereham

As vicars go. the Rev Arthur Humphrey is probably the antithesis of everything expected from a man of the cloth, selfish, forgetful, greedy and obsessed with his stomach.

Ian Sandell delivers a laugh-out-loud performance in Dereham Operatic Society's production of I'll Get My Man, bringing a mixture of confusion and childish glee to the role of the wayward vicar.

He inhabits a world of raving eccentrics, constantly henpecked by his prim and prissy sister Harriete Humphrey (Val Harrington-Lofthouse) and terrified of the formidable Mrs Winifred Barrington-Locke (Marea Smithson).

The cast turns in accomplished performances, offering a blend of finely tuned comic timing and pithy one-liners.

By the end you really do feel sorry for the poor Rev Humphrey who wants nothing more than a woman to cook him a square meal but ends up inviting anarchy into the vicarage.

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The audience laughed throughout the performance and seemed to appreciate the comedy of errors and the ever-escalating chaos. If you want a good chuckle then the sharp script and comedic talents of the cast will not leave you disappointed.

t I'll Get My Man continues at the Memorial Hall in Norwich Street, Dereham, until Saturday, March 11. Tickets available from £7 from Hallmark, Nelson Place, Dereham, on 01362 851919 or at www.dosoc.co.uk

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