Hiss and Boo Music Hall

KEITH CUTLER Pavilion Theatre, Cromer


This company, which keeps alive the tradition of music hall and variety, has returned to Cromer for their 14th successive year. It maintains its established format of presenting a small group of experienced and versatile entertainers, essential audience participation and a straight act.

The latter was fulfilled by the local soprano, Michele Summers, who has appeared regularly in Hiss and Boo productions and in many of Cromer's end-of-pier shows.

Gorgeously attired, she trilled her way effortlessly through a Stephen Foster compilation, songs to her own guitar accompaniment, a Disney selection and a Mozart aria.

The bill was topped by veteran comedian Les Wilson, whose warm-up had the desired effect of keeping the audience laughing. He was ably assisted by Dorothy 'Dottie' Wayne, another seasoned entertainer, well-known to Cromer audiences. She is an accomplished siffleuse, whistling the finale of the William Tell overture and the Sailor's Hornpipe and joining Les Wilson in a skit folksong setting.

The cast was completed by magician Roy Davenport, who replaced Richard Gauntlett, billed originally as the show's chairman. A member of the Inner Magic Circle, he mystified with his slick performance and produced an amazing number of coins out of the air.

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Enhanced by bright lighting, attractive backcloths and the accompaniment of David Carter on organ and keyboard, Hiss and Boo endorsed their popularity with Cromer theatregoers.

t The production runs until Saturday September 27 with matinees on Thursday and Saturday.